Jorban-Riscoe now represents Airius Destratification Fans. Known for their Air Pear fans, Airius also has 5 other fan types including the Q Series, Designer Series, Retail Series, Suspended Series and the PureAir Series. Airius fans are designed to save money and increase comfort. They gently mix the air & balance the temperature.

  • Air Pear: Our most popular fans are designed to be installed as a distributed network of devices to continuously provide airflow across large spaces that suffer from stratification.
  • Designer Series: Designed to deliver a laminar, non-turbulent column of air from the ceiling to the floor below.
  • Q Series: Available in Permanent Split Capacitor and energy-efficient EC motor varieties, the Q Series is designed to fit in sound-sensitive spaces with 50 ft ceilings (or lower, with speed control).
  • Suspended Series: Maximize your HVAC system and comfort in classrooms, offices, retail or any conditioned space with a suspended ceiling.
  • Retail Series: Airius’ Retail Series Narrow Aisle fans provide an elongated airflow pattern to maximize spread down the length of an aisle.
  • PureAir Series: Factory installed broad spectrum HE/UV light targeted on a quad metallic target that produces hydroperoxides. Creates aggressive advanced oxidation atmosphere to kill 99% of bacteria, viruses and mold (surface and airborne) and kill 85% of VOCs and odors.

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