Powered Aire has joined the battle against COVID-19. Introducing the UVC-Aire, a UVC-light-infused air curtain designed to kill airborne pathogens. The UVC-Aire is available as a stand-alone unit or as a retrofit extension on an already installed air curtain.  The retrofit extension of the UVC-Aire is easy to install. Check out the video here:

Key Design Features include:

  • UVC-Aire™ –Powered Aire’s air sanitation system proven to eliminate Covid-19 and other viruses from the air
    • Up to 99.99% effectiveness on Low Speed
    • Up to 95.7% effectiveness on High Speed
    • 99.99% surface kill rate for self-cleaning inside unit
  • Unit runs continuously on low speed, even when the door is closed, for continual air purification
  • Unit will ramp up to potentiometer-set speed when the door opens.
  • Adjustable speed, ¾ HP ECO Motors offer up to 72% energy savings over PSC motors
  • Fully-assembled and available in full-foot increments from 36” up to 168” (emitters installed in the field).
  • Includes unit-mounted cleanable filter and disconnect switch for safe and secure maintenance and emitter replacement
  • Environmental separation, temperature control, pest control and air purification
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